Advance Customization Windows 10

Enjoy offline maps For you who use Windows 10 also on mobile devices, such as tablets and hybrid devices and soon on smartphones, you can download maps to use offline and thus save your mobile Internet franchise. To do this, open the Maps application and then click on the gear in the lower left corner […]

What is a Degree sign?

Whether you are in the first degree or the second degree, what do you know about degrees? Degrees are important to everyone and serve different functions. You have to enter them in your GPS, or your vacation depends on it. If you don’t like something, you can also make a 180 ° turn around. The ° symbol is […]

Banking Sector environments general public, commercial

The action of the banking sector focuses essentially on the sub-environments: general public, commercial, industrial, rural and institutional, represented by the Government as a regulatory element. The external environment is standardized for the sector, as most banks through the national branch network reach the various sub-environments, with specific characteristics and problems corresponding to each region. […]

How does a bank earn its money?

In essence, a bank takes short-term deposits and deposits them into long-term loans. Banks pay interest to savers and receive interest on borrowers’ loans. The difference, after deduction, for example, of personnel costs, between the interest paid and the interest received determines whether a bank makes a loss or a profit. What exactly does a bank do […]

All about private banking

Private Banks are no longer as elitist as in the past and provide access to multiple areas of expertise to allow a more global vision of heritage. Tailor-made financial and wealth management for their clients is the goal of these high-end banking establishments. Tailor-made yes, but not for anyone! Entry ticket To push the doors of private […]

what banks earn on? Main sources of their income

A bank is a financial institution founded with the aim of making a profit by satisfying the needs of the population in certain financial services. How exactly the financial institution makes a profit depends on its specialization: for example, a universal bank can offer its customers about two hundred products and services. Below we will consider what […]