The ability to quickly receive plastic cards services of banks

In several banks, I was faced with the fact that the usual VISA Electron card is issued in the presence of the client in half an hour, so these banks save the client’s time. But I also came across a situation where it took more than one week to produce a card and the bank did not have a system for notifying customers about its readiness, and I had to call the bank several times to inquire about the status.

services of banks to customers

Free issuance of cards and the absence of a monthly fee for their use

It’s good when the card has a validity period of several years and the client does not need to spend time and money reissuing it, but now, unfortunately, most banks issue cards for a year.

Schedule and cash transactions

As you know, 90% of banks work on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and cash transactions can be completed up to 17. I am surprised that the working population is absolutely uncomfortable going to the bank at this time, and on weekends, just when a person can to deal with their issues, banks are also a weekend. There are some banks in which branches work until 20 and on Saturdays in standby mode.

Services of banks to customers

Lack of queues for managers and cashiers. Naturally, the flow of customers throughout the day is uneven, but if the queues do not run dry, then you need to expand the staff or optimize the process of working with clients to reduce the time spent working with each client. In this case, it’s good when all the employees at the bank are universal and can come to the aid of their colleagues at times of a large influx of visitors.

The presence of chairs and sofas for waiting

If I have to wait, it’s much more pleasant to do this while sitting. And it’s even more pleasant when the bank has a beautiful interior and furniture, and at the time of waiting you can flip through a magazine and drink coffee or water.

services of commercial banks

The presence of boxes for self-service

Facilitate the work of staff and partially unload the queues. In the age of information technology, it is very important to use innovative approaches. And for those clients who cannot independently deal with the miracle of technology – a consultant who will help carry out the operation.

Competent and friendly staff

There have been times when I knew more about a bank’s service than an employee, the degree of trust in this bank is noticeably reduced. And recently, I became a client of the bank and how many times I do not go to the department for working with private individuals, none of the employees even turn their heads in my direction. And it would have been nice if they had greeted me, clarified on what issue I was and offered to sit down to wait. The staff is not that not smiling, they all have written on their foreheads that they do not like clients and speak rude and arrogant. I do not want to go there, despite the proximity of this department. Still important is the consultant’s ability to speak a language accessible to the client, and not to bombard him with professional terminology and thereby lower his self-esteem.

Small commission for payments

In one of the banks, the commission for one payment is 20 UAH., Regardless of the amount, in my opinion, this is blasphemy. But those banks in which the commission for utility bills are reduced are distinguished by a high degree of loyalty, I think that pensioners are satisfied.

Financial services of banks

A wide network of ATMs. Even if the bank has a small network of its ATMs, there are affiliate programs that allow you to withdraw money from the ATMs of partner banks without a commission – this greatly simplifies the lives of customers. Free SMS alerts on account status. Almost all banks have this service, but only some of them are free. A trifle, but nice.

High degree of protection for plastic cards

There are cards when using which on the terminals, regardless of the amount of payment, a PIN code is requested. This gives the client a sense of reliability and confidence that if the card is lost, fraudsters will not have time to shop at his expense.

financial services of banks

The presence of Internet banking and telephone banking

Telephone banking is still a rare service and the banks that provide it significantly save customers time, as some account procedures can be performed over the phone.

High degree of protection of Internet banking

Many banks have a system of SMS passwords for conducting transactions through Internet banking, but there are also special electronic key fobs that generate one-time passwords – with such a degree of protection it is much calmer.

When receiving money at the cash desk of the bank, it is enough to present a passport. For some reason, in many banks, the procedure for receiving money at the cash desk assumes the presence of a passport, card and the introduction of a PIN code at the terminal. On the one hand, this increases reliability, but on the other, it creates inconvenience. In one of the banks where I serve, you can get money at the cash desk only if you have a passport.

Centralized customer base

The ability to be serviced in any convenient department, withdraw and deposit money in any city. Once I had a need to deposit money in a dollar account in Dnepropetrovsk, and, as it turned out, only one out of ten banks offered such an opportunity to withdraw in Kiev. In all the rest, I could withdraw money only in the department where I put it. The same applies to loan payments, when the client can repay the loan only in the branch where he issued the loan. This is a demonstration of the complete lack of flexibility and understanding of customer needs.

Consistency of information coming from the call center and in the department

Several times there have been cases in my practice, when one thing is said on the hotline, and bank branch employees give conflicting information. Providing the client with full information on the contract with all the “pitfalls”. It is very unpleasant when hidden interest or payments suddenly appear, honesty is one of the most important criteria for customer orientation.

Ability to change the PIN code in ATMs

If I have 5 cards, then it is very inconvenient for me to remember all the pin codes.

ancillary services of banks

Possibility to replenish an account through an ATM

This function allows you to perform the necessary operations at any convenient time, without being tied to the office’s work schedule, and also unloads the queues.

Solving customer problems on the spot

Recently I watched a woman come to the department with a question, and she was told that they were incompetent in this matter, they were given a phone number and sent home. Is it really so difficult to dial this number directly at the client and pass the phone to her?

Unobtrusive sale of banking services

I witnessed this situation: a bank employee offers a woman to open a pension card, she replies that she does not need it. The bank employee offers to open the card and close it in a week, since the bank has a plan to open accounts and the manager will receive a bonus for this, but just the end of the month and he does not have enough accounts. The client, by the way, did not agree and did the right thing. An example of a staff motivation system that works against clients.

Lack of interest for withdrawing money at the cash desk or at an ATM

This, as for me, is generally yesterday in customer service. I give my money back to you and still have to pay a fee for withdrawing it.

Services of the banks

services of banks

Booklets with a list of branches and ATMs, booklets on basic services. Just this morning, I asked the consultant at the bank for a list of partner ATMs, which she ordered me to wait in line for three visitors. Such information should be printed in advance and issued to each client.

Quick and competent resolution of issues at the head office

How many times I called the parent bank of different banks, the situation is the same: they switch from employee to employee, no one can give a competent answer, the waiting time on the line is about 10 minutes. After all, you can write down my phone number and the essence of the question, find an employee who can call me back and provide a comprehensive answer.

Confidentiality of customer information

Careful handling and storage of customer documents. Inaccessibility for other visitors of customer information. Once I wanted to clarify the status of my account and the consultant announced the amount in a loud voice, so that all visitors heard it. I would like the consultant to write me the amount on the sticker, and not tell everyone about it.

The ability to repay the loan by anyone

Some banks have a rule that only the person who took it by presenting a passport can repay the loan. This is very inconvenient, it would be much easier if any family member could deposit money into a credit account, knowing his number.